Helping CEOs Grow Professional Service Firms

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You’re already good at what you do. But how often do you give yourself time to reflect on your role as a leader and visionary?  As your Coach I’ll help you look at yourself and your role with new eyes, and work on your personal style.

Doing other people’s jobs? Working far too many hours? As your Coach I’ll help you set a compelling vision, bring everyone together with a common purpose, and keep everyone aligned – freeing you up to do your job, and focus on your aspirations.

Ready to take the leap to new heights and broader horizons?  But uncertain of what lies beyond your comfort zone? As your Coach I’ll help you consider a new role or venture, test your ideas and avoid common pitfalls. Prepare for that leap of faith towards your next thrilling adventure!

I’ve helped hundreds of people to inspire and motivate others, to grow their businesses and to master their own destiny. Clients discover that working with me is both energizing and fun.

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